Nick's Brawl Modding Guide v1 (last updated 5/3/2012)

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Nick's Brawl Modding Guide v1 (last updated 5/3/2012) Empty Nick's Brawl Modding Guide v1 (last updated 5/3/2012)

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Nick's Brawl Modding Guide v1

Getting started with Brawl modding can be a pain in the ass. There's a bunch of different programs and a bunch of different guides and YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT'S BEST TO PICK! Fortunately for you, I've already done that so this guide will be super straightforward! Very Happy

Initial setup
  1. Get an SD card if you don't already have one. I started with a dinky little 256 MB card but you are definitely going to want a 2 GB card if you get crazy into this like me. Replacement stages, characters, and music can eat up space fast. If you already have one, back up all the data on it right now!
  2. Format the SD card as FAT (NOT FAT32 or NTFS). Again, make sure anything existing on the card is backed up before this!
  3. Download this zip I've set up and extract it into the root of the SD card. Be thankful you don't have to go searching and combining crap together tongue
  4. Put the SD card in your Wii and start up Brawl. Upon booting, IMMEDIATELY select the Stage Builder screen. If nothing happens and you're just stuck at the Stage Builder screen, restart the console and try again. This happened to me exactly once as I was getting this together. If all goes well, you should barely hear any music before the screen goes black with white text and then all pixelated before a red and black menu pops up. Congratz, you didn't screw up! YET.
  5. Do not hit Install and do not change any settings. Just hit Launch.

If the game boots up into snazzy Brawl+ title screens and menus, and nothing funky happens in matches (besides the moonjumping that oddly occurs with a slow-time stopwatch), you have succeeded in basic file replacement! HUZZAH! Cool

How to mod
Once you've made it this far, all you do is drag and drop replacement files in! You can search for all of these files at Brawl Vault. That's where I've gotten I think ALL of my stuff from, minus some music. There are tutorials on actually making mods buried in the forums, so go check em out. I would expand this guide with that info, but I've never actually made any mods yet tongue

For some music tracks, I went to Brawl Custom Music. All of the music there is in the required .brstm format and the majority of them are even looped as well! I have resources for making loops from your own music, but I'll share those in the next version of this guide.

If the mods you download don't tell you where to put stuff or if you're wondering where to put your awesome .brstm songs, keep reading.

Detailed file structure info

  • private\wii\app\RSBE - the only folder you need to pay attention to
  • Riivolution - DON'T TOUCH
  • boot.elf - DON'T TOUCH

  • pf - primary folder (contains almost everything you'll wanna tweak)
  • pfmenu2 - contains menu and title screen pacs
  • st - stages (should only contain st_exploit.bin, the "stage" containing the wonderful Smash Stack exploit that makes all this madness possible)

  • fighter - contains the folders for every fighter in Brawl. You'll see .pac and .pcs files in there. I'll go into more detail on those at a future date.
  • info - don't touch for now. I know this folder has a modding purpose but I can't remember what it is right now.
  • menu - ditto. I haven't come across any mods that require messing with this stuff yet.
  • module - this folder contains .rel files for stages that need them. More on these later as well.
  • sound\strm - this is where custom music goes. Any .brstm files in this folder that have a special name corresponding to an in-game song will be played instead of that song. Here is a list of those names. For example, let's say I want to replace the Menu 1 theme with the theme from Chrono Trigger. I would grab a Chrono Trigger .brstm, chuck it in the sound\strm folder, and rename it to W30.brstm
  • stage\melee - every single stage in the game as a .pac file. Typical stage replacements usually consist of dragging a file in here and possibly one in module as well.
  • system - contains common3.pac and common5.pac, two files that have a LOT of moddable stuff stored in them. More on these later, too
  • RSBE01.gct - DON'T TOUCH for now. Editing .gct files is tricky but extremely rewarding. For instance, there exists a mod where you can actually increase the number of stages available to play on in Brawl! It requires editing this file, but I'll help you guys out with that in a future edition of this guide.

Get modding!
I've barely scratched the surface of Brawl file replacement. However, seeing as most non-nitpicky Brawl mods don't require anything beyond file copying, this is a great start to this guide. In future versions I will address custom character portraits, customer stage portraits, and more! Very Happy

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